Cloud Walking with Hilary

hilary cloud walkingThis website is a showcase for my artwork and the journey it took to create it. You can discover my finished work on the gallery page and visit my blog for the latest projects underway.


Welcome, I feel so good about sharing my work with you because it gives me such joy to make. I find I get so engrossed in the moment I let go of all my worries and stresses and finish the session feeling calm and at peace – it’s my self-heal time.

I have always drawn, from about the age of three I can remember trying to copy an illustration of a white rabbit with wings, Pookie. The book was a children’s storybook my uncle had sent over from America and I was so enchanted by the the rabbit’s adventures I wanted to put him in my own scene.

I unfortunately drew him on the inside cover and my mum was not happy with me at all. I got given a pad of paper and some pencils, a sermon on the evils of defacing books and encouragement to carry on drawing.

Gold Star

I started ridding lessons at four and my complete focus was horses……for a good ten years, what little girl didn’t want a pony of her own? My sketches started out looking like hippos and my sisters laughed at them but I carried on with gritted determination. In my first year of infant school I presented a picture to the Headmaster, a horse of course, and got a gold star. Now the Headmaster very rarely awarded gold stars so to say I was puffed up to the clouds with pride was an understatement.

I floated back into the classroom carrying the picture with reverence, my class cheered and the picture pinned at the front of the room behind the teacher’s desk. I was important for a whole week and everybody wanted me to draw their pictures for them!


As the years have passed I’ve looked at lots of different subjects, I used to paint landscapes in Australia. The beautiful earth tones of the soil and blue skies were very appealing, I’d also paint views of Old Blighty for expats to remind them of home. These customers would bring a photo and tell me about their life back then, saying they wanted a little something to trigger a memory.

I have found that most of my paintings have triggered a memory within the person, be it a memory of a place they loved, something from their childhood or of someone. Listening to their story make me feel honoured that I have been able to evoke a good feeling with my artwork.

so, please enjoy.

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