Magpie, first gallery photo!

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Magpie, first gallery photo!

This is my first photo added to the gallery on my revamped website! – Welcome, it’s been a while! I would like to introduce you to Magpie, a pen and acrylic ink painting I completed recently. Magpie came about through a change in direction I’ve taken with the business which, I’m sure you’ll like.


I am now going to pursue my love of making art, something I used to do years ago before life took up too much time. I found producing art so therapeutic, very calming and helpful – especially while swotting for exams. I seem to have been born with a pencil in my hand and it feels quite apt to spend my later years with either a pencil, brush or whatever firmly within my grip. And it’s a good way to clear my head and lower my blood pressure.

Inspiration for Magpie

As I held the brush I found myself with a very white and blank piece of paper, Yupo paper in fact, without a clue of what to paint though. Inspiration didn’t come straight away so I sat and stared out into the garden for a while, I get various birds visit and at the time there were several magpies foraging for insects and other bits. I thought how imperious they seemed and as it was a sunny day the blue on their wings shimmered so beautifully, I decided to try to capture it.

Putting the first strokes of ink onto to the sheet sent a tingling sensation through my hand and up my arm, it felt very natural and flowed so easily. I became so absorbed, time ticked by and before I knew it three hours had passed and it was way past my lunch. I felt quite serene and at peace with myself and the world, then I remembered – this is how doing art makes me feel, and I like it.

More to come

I am looking forward to many more hours of art production along with the therapeutic effects that it gives. Prints will soon be available for purchase (plus other things) so keep an eye out. This painting has already been sold, its new owner shared the reasons with me why they had to own it. She said it reminded her of her father, their shared love of their home (Newcastle) city and going to the football with him as a child – very special and fond memories.

See you again soon…..

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